Je, mimi kuimarisha Kadi ya mikopo My Madeni?

Tofauti na madeni ya jumla ambapo jibu la matatizo ni mara chache kuimarisha, uimarishaji wa kadi ya madeni ni mara nyingi worhtwhile. Kadi madeni uimarishaji ni kuonekana kwa IAS wengi kuwa hatua ya kwanza kuelekea kuondoa madeni kadi. Lakini, before you taking the initial step towards consolidating your credit card debt, unahitaji kuelewa kwamba kuimarisha kadi ya madeni (au kutumia uhamisho wa usawa) ni kwamba hatua zinazochukuliwa kuondoa kadi yako madeni. Uimarishaji wa kadi madeni yako ni si tu kwa ajili ya kuweka utaratibu tatizo mbali kwa muda.

Credit card debt consolidation is a good option for more than one reason; not only do you get relief from the increase in the amount of your credit card debt, but you may also get other benefits. Many card issuers make offers to new users who transfer in ther existing balances that can be very attractive indeed.
Almost all offers for consolidating credit card debt/transferring balances have an initial period with a low APR often as low as 0%. This is, Kwa kweli, one of the main reasons why consolidating your credit card debt is an attractive option.

As well as low APR, offers for balance transfer often include benefits such as 0% interest on any purchases made during first few months after the balance transfer. This is another thing reduces the rate at which your credit card debt increases. Of course if the purpose is reduction or elimination of debt then new purchases are not the highest priority! These are the two most significant benefits that credit card issuers offer to attract new clients into consolidating their credit card debt with them.

After these main benefits there are other benefits such as additional reward points on the issuer’s reward. These reward points can be redeemed for other attractive goods/rebates/rewards etc, but thioer purpose is to encourage you to spend more money and increase, not decrease your debt!
wakati mwingine, the new credit card might be one that caters better to your current spending needs both in terms of credit limit and the way that you might use your new card. Kwa mfano, the new credit card might be co-branded by an airline that you frequently use. The credit card you are consolidating to might open up discount offers to you. But usually these offers all encourage additional spending.

The most important thing to remember when consolidating your credit card debts is the reason for doing it. If the purpose was to reduce debt and manage payments then you can and must ignore any offers that will increase your indebtedness. Balance transfers are not offered by card issuers to make it easy for clients reduce their debtthe opposite is true! As a credit card user you must use the tools offered by card issuers to YOUR benefit, not the bank’s!

Good luck reducing your debt through disciplined credit card consolidation and balance transfer.